Don't Try Me (Broke & Bullied, #1)

Don't Try Me (Broke & Bullied, #1)

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I don't put up with bullies.

So when this beast of a football player starting giving me shit on my first day at a new school, I fought back.

To say I surprised him is an understatement to say the least. Nobody stands up to this guy.

They call him The Destroyer, and it’s not because of his destruction on the football field.

It’s because he destroys hearts. If a girl even tries to get close to him, he’ll break her heart. Stomp on it. Destroy it.

He doesn’t scare me. And he can’t destroy me. I’d have to give him my heart for him to hurt it, and there’s no way that’s happening, so what’s there to be afraid of?

He thinks he can bully me into submisssion? Good luck.

I told her my rules. She didn't follow them.

I told her to leave me alone. She didn’t.

She’s new so I gave her a pass. But three strikes, she’s out.

She knows my reputation but keeps coming back for more.

She tests me. Pushes me to my limit, and doesn’t stop.

I warned her. I told her to stay away. She wouldn't listen.

She wants to try me? Let her. She’s not going to like what she gets.

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